3 Generations

Back in 1954 John Kasper started his journey to build an insurance agency built on honesty and integrity. Over 60 years later the journey still continues.

So many things have changed in the industry since 1954 but we have kept up. There are some things that will never change. Personal service, honesty, and genuine concern for our clients. The Golden Rule stands firm.

In July of 2014 Paul Kasper joined our agency and makes the 3rd generation of Kaspers to carry on the tradition. Together John, Anthony and Paul are here to make sure you have a place you can turn to for quality insurance products and family service. We invite you to come and be a part of our insurance family and let us show you what home town service is all about.

Quality work delivered under all conditions without complaints. We focus on excellence in all that we do. Service is our commitment to our fellow workers and customers, as we adhere to Christian values.
John Kasper of Kasper Insurance Agency John Kasper: For over 60 years John Kasper has been the owner and driving force behind Kasper Insurance. His experience and concern for people continues to help guide us through the changing times in the insurance industry.
Anthony Kasper of Kasper Insurance Agency Anthony Kasper: For over 25 years Anthony has been with Kasper Insurance serving along side his father. The family tradition of home town service has been passed down to him and will continue for years to come. 
Paul Kasper of Kasper Insurance Agency  Paul Kasper:  Joined the team in July 2014. Working side by side with his father and grandfather, Paul becomes the 3rd generation of Kaspers to be involved in the business. He worked at a call center with a major insurance company in 2012. That experience has been a big plus in helping him know how to better serve you.
Christie Kasper Christy Kasper: Christy has joined the Kasper family not only in insurance but she is also Anthony’s wife. She has her work cut out for her. She has extensive customer service experience and a heart of compassion to go with it. Christy brings a whole new level of fun and hard work to Kasper Insurance.
Steve Dybwad  Steve Dybwad: Kasper Insurance would like to introduce you to the newest member of our team, Stephen J. Dybwad.

Steve is an independent financial advisor who believes the true art of financial guidance is not so much in the accumulation of assets but is in the preservation and distribution of those assets. He has been providing highly individualized financial guidance to clients across the nation for over 30 years. In addition to being a popular speaker and lecturer, Steve is the Host of Safe Money Radio, an hour-long radio show in Louisville and Cincinnati, explaining strategies that can keep investors ahead of inflation after tax without ever risking any of their principal.

Planning for retirement does not have to be complicated, but it should be comprehensive. With Steve on our team, we now have strategic alliances with accountants, attorneys and other professionals to help us bring a multi-disciplined approach to the planning process.