Financial Strategies

Financial Strategies Rates

At Kasper Insurance, we are committed to doing our best to offer our clients the most up-to-date solutions for all their financial needs. Regulations in this industry are constantly changing and financial companies are designing new and better ways to keep up with those changes. Regardless of your current financial situation, we have some strategies that could be highly beneficial to you. Here are some examples:

Ø If you have an annuity, you can still keep all the features you like about annuities, but now you may qualify for a significant cash bonus. This bonus is added directly to your account. In addition, you could earn a higher rate of return, and become eligible for a guaranteed lifetime income. We can show you how to "super-charge" your annuity with complete safety

Ø If you have CD's, you can still keep the guarantees you like, but now you can receive the kinds of bonuses, returns, and guaranteed incomes we mentioned above. In addition, we can arrange for many of these accounts to qualify for tax deferral, so you will not be paying current taxes on any of your earnings.

Ø If you have stocks, bonds, and mutual funds we can show you how it is possible to use the market to beat the market without risking any principal - EVER! We can also show you how we may be able to eliminate current taxation on some of your accounts.
Ø All of our strategies have one thing in common... THEY ARE SAFE!  You are guaranteed to never lose any money. Let us show you how keeping up with the marketplace can put you ahead of the game.

Term Life Insurance

If you are looking for term life insurance then you found the right place. Kasper Insurance will shop hundreds of plans for you. Give us a call and we will listen to your needs. We will then seek out a company and plan that is right for you. Call or email us today for your free personalized quote.

Whole Life Insurance

Ask us about our Individual Whole Life Insurance.
We offer:
  • • No Medical Exam
    • Affordable Rates Will Not Increase
    • Benefits Remain Level
    • Issue Age 0-85
    • $3K - $25 K Face Amounts
    • Cash Value For Emergencies
    • Benefits Paid Directly To Beneficiary Of Clients Choice
    • Benefits are Tax-Free
    • Policy Cannot Be Canceled As Long As Premiums Are Paid
Get your free quote below. Feel free to look around and then give us a call if you have any questions or would like to apply.

Funeral Preplanning

Preplanning Your Funeral
Let Kasper Insurance help you preplan your funeral
The Way You Want It.

Purpose of Pre Planning

Planning a funeral within hours of a loved one’s death can be a very difficult experience. There are many details to attend to, several thousands of dollars spent and critical decisions must be made at a time when people are least able to make them. It is estimated that there are at least 50 separate decisions involved within the first 24 hours of losing a loved one, and most of these could have been made in advance.

6 Good Reasons to Preplan Now

1) Waiting Can Cost You More… Save money when you plan now. Avoid inflation and future price increases.

2) Personalize Arrangements… You choose the arrangements you want, at the price you want to spend. Avoid burdening loved ones with these decisions.
3) Relieve The Financial Burden… Avoid leaving a significant financial burden on your loved ones by prepaying at today’s cost.

4) Choose A Payment Plan… Payment Plans available to meet your needs and your budget.
5) Flexibility… If you move out of state or choose another funeral home, your plan is transferable.

6) Solid Program, preplanning is endorsed by Attorneys, Trust Officers, Financial Planners and Medicaid as an effective way to provide for final expenses.

Let our family work
with your family